TVO Kids Visit

The crew of Spaceship Mercury Two was visited by Drew Dafoe, host of TVO Kids “The Space”. It was an “amazingly” fun visit! Please enjoy the 4 video clips below!

Clip #1… Drew interviews Commander Brett and Pilot Jacob in the cockpit of Spaceship Mercury Two… SSM-2

Clip #2… Drew is the honorary pilot in the cockpit of Spaceship Mercury Two. He is being “put through the paces” by Commodore Ray.

Clip #3… Drew assisted astronomers Jesse Rogersson (York University Observatory & Ontario Science Centre) and Julie Tomé (Science Educator at the Royal Ontario Museum)

Clip #4… Drew is taken on tour in “science pod” of Space ship Mercury Two. AstroNuts Luke and Jack explained the “environmental” and “engineering” zones as well as the “observation tower”.