mission #12

April 2011

All about Lego Mindstorm Robotics known as Lego Education

Location: Spectrum Educational Supplies, 150 Pony Road in Newmarket

The “astronuts” were treated to an amazing “mission” by spectrum educational supplies in Newmarket...

Suzanne Martini (the retail store manager) organized a “seminar” for the kids that included assembling the lego mindstorm robots and then programming them...then the “robots” were “let loose” on the boardroom floor...the motion/ sound/ touch sensors on the robots reacted quickly to all the stimuli that the “astronuts” would subject them to...suzanne’s team included 2 wonderful assistants that keep the kids totally engaged....Allison....and Kristin.

Spectrum also donated a number of fun-educational products that will keep the astronuts learning and their imaginations expanding... Thanks Spectrum!