Mission #59

September  2014

start of year #5

An outstanding mission that involved both

  indoor and outdoor cosmic activities.

     We started off with our monthly mission feature;

  *Tim’s Top Ten “whats up in space” news…

Tim Harris informed the AstroNut kis with

     10 minutes of the most up to date space news!

*York University Professor of Astronomy Paul Delaney

then engaged the kids in 2 outdoor activities using only 

      a super long tape measure and stretching it out 

  to its “max”…

           1/ one activity involved showing the kids the vast distances in space between our planets and our solar system and then relating it

 spatially to other galaxies.

 …we ran out of tape measure!

2/ then Paul  demonstrated the time distances starting with when the Big     

    Bang occured to when “mankind” and earth and our sun disappeared

   aka…red star/ white star…then BOOM!

* a very inspirational Skype with Canadian astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason

…Bjarni courageously answered rapid fire questions on everything space from the AstroNut kids!…well done Bjarni!

*NAPAS was represented by the amazing “tag-team” duo of rocketry 

enthusiasts Glenn Iverson and Micheal Pitfield

…they demonstrated some of their larger amateur rockets and 

even set off an ignition charge! The Kids loved it!

…thanks Glenn and Michael!

*finally we set off over a dozen badminton birdie rockets

…now that was fun and amazing!

…overall….”mission accomplished! "