AstroNuts STEM Contest

The 1st annual AstroNuts Stem Contest was held at the council chambers of the Town of Newmarket municipal offices on stardate 29.4.13, with the amazing assistance from the towns’ Gail Akins and David Sheridan. Also, special thanks to assistance from “Apple” trainer Tim Harris.

The goal of the contest is to get kids of all ages involved in and thinking about the areas of STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math) and to have fun in the process!

To make it a true contest, we invited some space experts to judge the projects that were entered. Our panel of judges included:

*Paul Delaney, Professor of Astronomy, York University

*John Taylor, Regional Councillor, Town of Newmarket

*Julie Tomé, Science Educator, Royal Ontario Museum

Here are some pictures from the event! And the winners are...