AstroNuts Space Heroes Wall of Fame

  This is a very special wall located beside 

our kids’ spaceship...Spaceship Mercury Two.

On that wall are proudly displayed the autographed photographs of 

“space hero’s” 

that have supported the imaginations of the children

 in our space  club.

The names identifying the individuals in the photo’s 

are listed below the “wall photo”…

2 recent astronaut additions that will be added 

and proudly displayed are:

astro meir

Jessica U. Meir

astro meir0002

Robert “Hoot” Gibson

space heros’ names are listed below

left to right

top row #1 

*Bob McDonald; senior science correspondent 

*Tom Hanks; “Commander Jim Lovell; Apollo 13” 

*Alan Stern; planetary scientist  “New Horizons

Marc Garneau; astronaut

row #2

* Bill Nye “the Science Guy” educator 

*Neil DeGrasse Tyson; astro physicist 

*Charles Bolden; administrator of NASA/ astronaut

Chris Hadfield; astronaut

*William Shatner; “Captain James T. Kirk; Star Trek”  

row #3 

*Dave Williams; astronaut 

*Astronuts logo

*Janet Ivey; host of PBS TV series “Janet’s Planet

row #4

*Gene Kranz; NASA Flight Director...Apollo/ Gemini missions

*John Glenn; US Senator and NASA astronaut

 * Steven Spielberg; director “ET” 


row #5

*Mike Mullane; astronaut 

Bjarni Tryggvason; astronaut

 *Geoff Notkin; “Action Scientist

*Scott Parazynski; astronaut

row #6

  *Leland Melvin; astronaut 

 *David Saint-Jacques; astronaut 

Jeremy Hansen; astronaut  

row #7

Robert Thirsk; astronaut

*Steve Maclean; astronaut 

*Abigail Harrison; future astronaut and educator 

bottom row #8

*Roberta Bondar; astronaut 

*Yaroslav Pustovyi; astronaut 

*Julie Payette; astronaut 

STS 127 crew

Richard Branson; Virgin Gallactic


The autographed photo’s are there to inspire these children that will be our future scientists, astronauts, engineers, educators and positive future role models...

The dedications by all the “ space hero’s” on that special wall  are there to send all the “astronut kids “ the message to “go for it”

…"live your dreams, learn and have fun!”…

 “ keep looking up”

….These kids will make lifelong friends….and who knows…

 they may be travelling together in the cosmos in the not-too-distant future!