The Beginnings...

Brett and I created the AstroNuts Kids Space Club in May of 2010, but leading up to that is a story unto itself…

My interest in “all-things-space” started over 40 years ago, July 20th, 1969. It was the Apollo 11 mission that inspired us all with the words “the eagle has landed”!


I remembering watching the t.v. coverage on our black and white television with my family in our downstairs recreation room, all the while peering out the window and staring at moon. Soon after, I went out and purchased a scale model of the LEM (lunar excursion module) and spent hours exploring the moon!

My father, Brett’s grandfather, Zygmunt Bielecki, worked for Spar Aerospace as an electrical technician on the NASA funded project Canadarm. (picture to the right)

Brett always had a very active interest in space, night skies, systems and how things work from an early age.

We constructed our first spaceship under the recreation room stairs… it was a space of 3 feet by 6 feet and it was snug, just like a real space cockpit! We “decorated it with planets, posters, a dvd player to watch space movies and sparkling “star” lights. We didn’t have a name for oue first spaceship so we called it “Brett’s Spaceship Under the Stairs”. Below is the “hatchway” to our spaceship!

brett spacestation and park 028

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