Astronomy FM

Astronomy FM is a 24-hour internet radio stream. The amazing astronomers at York University host their own one hour astronomy radio show called “York Universe” on Monday nights from 9:00pm to 10:00pm. It’s alot of fun and you get to learn about “everything astronomy”!

The hosts are astronomers Lianne Manzur, Paul Delaney, Jesse Rogersson, Robert James Berthiamume and Ryan  Marciniak.

The AstroNuts Kids Space Club appears once a month for 15min. approximately to talk about their previous “mission” and ask questions about astronomy.

Monday February 6th, 2012...the “AstroNut kids” (Brett, Samantha and Jacob) had the terrific opportunity to talk with Paul, Robert, Jesse and Ryan about all the astronomy activities we do during our missions. It was a great experience for them and a chance to connect with thousands of astronomy enthusiasts all around the world AND LET THE WORLD KNOW ABOUT THE “ASTRONUTS KIDS SPACE CLUB”…Hopefully they will form their own kids space clubs and then skype us to connect all the kids together!

Monday, March 5, 2012… The “AstroNut kids”, Brett, Jason and Samantha had the awesome opportunity to ask an astronomer, what they have always wanted to ask an astronomer!

above… The cosmic AstroNut “radio-head” team of (left to right) Jason, Brett and Samantha